Shops On The Island

Shopping on St. John

Shopping in Coral Bay/Bordeaux

In Coral Bay there are a couple of clusters of shops: one in the Skinny Legs Complex where (besides Skinny Legs – the renowned hamburger bar and grill) you will also find: Connections East a mail center, the Jolly Dog and Mumbo Jumbo shops and Awls Made, a leather studio.

Also in Coral Bay is the Cocolobo Shops, a two level shopping and dining complex. There you can have breakfast, sandwich or pizza at the upper level Big Belly Deli; shop at Lily's Groceries and Deli; Fine Dine and/or enjoy the convivial bar of Aqua Bistro. On the second level you can find the original St John Hook Bracelets at Sugar Apple, a boutique well known for locally designed sterling silver jewelry and one of a kind accessories. Visit the Syzygy Art Gallery that specializes in local Artists works ranging from mosaics to fine oil paintings. Shop for your small ones at Little Fish, and for yourself at Big Fish, an intriguing boutique for all ages.

Be sure to stop and visit the interesting stores at the top of Bordeaux on Centerline, half way between Coral Bay and Cruz Bay.

Coral Bay and Bordeaux have fun and unique studios and boutiques however your shopping experience will be incomplete if you don't take time to visit the shops and dining spots in Cruz Bay village.

Shopping in Cruz Bay

In Cruz Bay you may wish to begin at the north end of town, at Mongoose Junction. Here you will find over 30 very unique shops and restaurants in a setting of native stone, shaded terraces, and tropical plants.

As you leave Mongoose Junction and walk south (parallel to Cruz Bay harbor) be sure to stop at the National Park Headquarters information center and gift shop. Browse their many books focusing on St. John and the Caribbean and ask about the Park's trails and beaches. The National Park Service offers an ongoing program which includes guided informational walks and lectures.

To continue your shopping tour walk further south towards the ferries. Be sure to pass through the Cruz Bay plaza directly opposite the ferry dock. Much of this block is a shaded park area, and it is not unusual for a few bazaar stands to be open for business offering local arts and crafts. Several more permanent establishments will be found lining the plaza, including clothing and jewelry shops as well as at least four restaurants.


The last leg of your walking and shopping tour of tiny Cruz Bay should include the other shopping center, Wharfside Village and some of the small narrow streets surrounding it. At Wharfside Village there are many small, diversified shops, an art gallery, a very tempting ice cream stand, and several restaurants overlooking the harbor.

Perhaps the most interesting giftshop in town is "Every Ting". You will find it just across the street from Wharfside Village. Continue along this narrow back street and you will pass Raintree Court and the Lemon Tree Mall, both also offering shops and dining options.

When return to your car, be sure to extend your shopping trip by taking a four-minute drive to "The Marketplace." This new, three-level shopping center is an attractive collection of stores catering to the islander's day-to-day living. This is where most of the St. John locals do much of their own shopping. There is an attractive grocery, a drugstore, a bank, a book store, the hardware store, a good bakery, a physician, a fitness center, and a couple of restaurants. Also on the second floor there are some new specialty shops you may find intriguing.

Local Art on St. John

If your interests include enjoying local art be sure to visit the following galleries: the Artists Association of St. John's new art gallery in the Lumberyard complex in Cruz Bay. Coconut Coast Studio in Franks Bay just outside Cruz Bay. The Syzygy Art Gallery at the Cocolobo Shops in Coral Bay. Awl Made (leather art) at the Skinny Legs complex in Coral Bay. Baja el Sol at the top of Mongoose Junction in Cruz Bay.